Monday, November 19, 2007

Sindhi Song

Sindhi songs from the Sindh includes many different varieties. Sindhi music is generally performed in either the “Baits” or “Waee” styles. The Baits style is vocal music in Sanhoon, low voice, or Graham, high voice. Waee music is instrumental performed in a variety of ways using a string instrument. Waee is commonly known as Kafi and also found in this surrounding areas of Balochistan, Punjab, and Rajasthan. Common instruments used in Sindhi regional music include the Yaktaro, Narr, and Naghara.

Sindhi song of the great Sarmad Sindhi. Sarmad sang poetry of Shah Latif Bhittai, Shaikh Ayaz, Ustad Bukhari and many other Sindhi poets. Sarmad Sindhi is most popular among Jeay Sindh workers.